Monday, April 14, 2014

Injured... again

Last week was a great week for run-bike.  I logged 33kms total run for the week and 43km on a bike ride.  This may look low for an avid runner/biker but given my current fitness level, this is high-level.

sudden peak in running workout this week

My usual weekly mileage (since I got the bike) was around 15-20 km.  That consists of 3-4 runs per week, so basically its just a usual, morning run, just enough to sustain a bit of fitness.

Last week with the holiday Wednesday, I managed to clock in 18kms, which was just supposed to be a 10km or a 10-miler.  Given that I still had enough, I squeezed in a few hundred meters.

It was a good feeling to run that distance again.  I fell in love again.

Come Saturday, we cancelled our usual active day on account of tamaditis of the wife.  This was an opportunity to run again – so I did a 10k.  At around 7k, I felt tired and close to finishing I felt like I’m about to bonk.  Just the same, I finished strong.

Sunday came along.  Of course it’s the usual bike-day, so I went along with it.  Usual route was at MOA – where bikers and runners are free.  I decided to up the effort a bit and do couple more intervals than the usual.  It was a good ride.

But that’s where it hit me, and it hit me hard.  I’m now down with the chest-cold, I feel tired, and my knees feel weak.  Normally it would be sore legs – I would choose this over weakness of my knees.  Although this came to me given the mileage and the increased effort in my bike intervals, I would assess this if it came from it (too much too soon), or if it was my form.

For now, my new best friend is Ibuprofen.  I took one as I can’t function well in the work place.  Chest cold is still here and I find it painful to talk.  I might need to get some fruits today as well.

I’ll do recovery run on Wednesday again.  I will have to give my body enough time to recover.

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