Sunday, April 13, 2014

LTO registration and more run-bike updates

(late post)

I just got back to the office after a very irritatingly hot registration I did for my car.  Its April, second week and Monday’s all I have to work on it to avoid the additional penalty if I come in late.  Now why the heck on a Monday?  Tuesday’s coding, Wednesday’s a holiday and Thursday-Friday I’m in La Union.  So it’s a pretty busy week and I had to squeeze that in today.

Irritating in the sense that it takes an average of 6 minutes per vehicle for the emission testing!  I came there serving #19 and I’m #29.  So it took me 1 full-hour to be tested and another 10 minutes to get billed.

Anyway, after that was a slightly faster pace (although it was already almost 11:00am and the sun’s up high) with a few under-the-sun process of taking the engine and chassis number.  Good thing the stencil guy didn’t bother taking the engine number anymore as it is very much hidden in the engine.  One thing to note was the public assistance desk officer who got my papers and told me to just wait in the waiting area.  Now before that “helpfulness” will set you back a few hundred-pesos, but at the end of it, didn’t even look at me for anything.  I now believe that our government has a chance.  Even the stencil-guy didn’t even wink.

After that, true to the public assistance desk officer just handed me a small piece of paper indicating the window number and price to pay, just waited a few minutes and I was called.

Unfortunately similar to last year’s, there isn’t any available stickers.  It’s a just a stamp on my OR and I was out.  Basically took me around 2-2.5 hours to process – could’ve been faster if there were other available emission testing around.  So this set me back for P3, 280 .00 (almost similar to a Shimano R078 shoe):

  1. Registration fee – P1,930
  2. TPL Insurance – P 950
  3. Emission testing – P400
It’s a good thing this just happens every year.  This was my first time to do this by myself.  Usually I have my dad do this for me as he has more time than me, but there’s always a first time, and I’m glad I did it (well, I’m back in the office now, comfortable).

Soooo that’s that!  Now for the more exciting stuff

Well, running has taken the back-seat now that we have been consistent with the weekend active fun day.  So the first we did the run-and-play-in-the-park-then-eat-at-Jollibee day, then we two consecutive run-bike-throw-stones-at-the-river weekends.

With that, there’s no more LSD.  It is true that I enjoy weekend active fun day more than the LSD, but there has to be something I can do to maintain my fitness level.  I keep on doing those 5k morning runs (at 5:40+/- pace).  But now I don’t know if I can sustain that for even a 10k!

Good thing for a holiday this April 9, I guess I can do at least 10k or better a 10-miler at best.  Let’s see how it goes. (update - yes, I did a good 18k unforced run)

Been a long time since I did a 33k/week run and this had me beaten up!

For now I’m consistent with my weekend bike rides.  And I feel I’m improving as it gets along.  And I SHOULD, as I AM spending quite a lot on this.

I’m looking forward to that brick training.  I guess if I can manage to man-up this weekend, I’ll know where I’m at. (update - no, I didn't get the brick.  I did get my body beaten up - which means training backlog again!)

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