Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Back to racing

Takbo Mo, Buhay Ko (You Run, My Life – dunno if this is the correct usage, but its pretty much the correct translation) is a rehabilitation project of Kaarawan Mo, Buhay Ko Foundation for the benefit of Typoon Yolanda Victims in Northern Iloilo held last April 27, 2014 at the CCP Complex in Manila.

I ran this Fun Run, courtesy of OCS and given by our company (very supportive!), and because the race kit was delivered.  I signed up for the 10k race (because that’s the farthest distance).  Anyway, I don’t think I can afford to run a half as I really didn’t do any serious training this year.  My mind was set on running it and enjoying it at the same time.  Not that I didn’t enjoy races, its just I didn’t pressure myself on finishing fast at this.


result of aligning with Nat Geo run schedule
Gun start was at 5:30am (sun was up this time already), so I left the house some time 4:15ish (was supposed to be 4:00am but I had to adjust my poop).  As early as that the road to CCP was a jam due to trucks.  So I had to turn around and go the long route to CCP.  Good thing I got there, quite early.

I got to walk around a bit, did my usual pre-race rituals.  Pre-race was a zumba dance, more than the usual stretching.  I didn’t zumba!


1-3km – Start of the race; it was fun, a lot of runners were having fun!  They seem to be running at 5:00/km pace and are having fun.  I was maintaining my 5:45/km pace at this time as I just wanted to run and have some more energy for my post-race activity.

3-6km – Here’s where all those who overtook me were just walking.  They’re still having fun though.  I was now at the 5:30/km pace with a lot of energy to spare.

Good time, great medal!
7-10km – Okay so the road is now open, aside from groups of 5k, 3k and 2k runners who are still having fun while having selfies!  I was now doing a 5:25-5:30/km pace, and I’m getting bored.

Overall, I had a pretty good race result from my Garmin; it was a sub-1hour 10k for me:

Distance – 10.42km
Time – 57.02
Ave. Pace – 5:28/km

Post race

Good workout
Although I had another agenda going to this race, and of course it is something that I really love – I rode my bike!  Yes, I finally got to do a brick training and it was great!  I got to ride some 27km at a 2:24/km pace after the 10k race, and still able to walk!

The next day after this, I was expecting a lot of soreness with what I did.  But wrong!  I didn’t have any tightness or pains that could make me immobile.  I guess the bike ride made a good cool-down workout.  

At the end, it’s all about doing what you love and doing it the best you can.  I’m glad I threw the bike inside the car the night before.  And I’m glad I already built the mileage.  I may be ready to take…


Alaska Cycles Philippines on May 18 is a 40km bike race.  Training has been on going for the past 2 months, and I’m positive that I will be able to finish at around 1hr45mins if there will be no hiccups (like a flat tire or something).

Run United 2 on June 1 is a 21km running distance.  Training for this has been poor.  I’m not sure to make it sub-2 hours this time.  But I still have 3 weeks to cram.  I have been active in doing maintenance runs, but not near HM training that I used to do.

Regardless of the results, I am sure to enjoy both.  The experience of joining my first bike race, and the feel of pushing my limits to get or maintain my running PR – its great to be back to racing!

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