Wednesday, July 30, 2014

The Robinsons Supermarket Fit-and-Fun Wellness Buddy Run 2014

Having attended 3rd straight year now, I can say that the Fit and Fun race is truly one of my highly-anticipated race events. 


  • Very affordable (subsidized) race kit
  • Distance is just right so no need for intense training preps
  • Gun-start time is just right
  • Loot bag is great!


  • Requires a running buddy
  • Staging area is too small to accommodate the crowd
with my running buddy, Sir Leo

I was lucky enough to win a slot in the raffle for a subsidized race fee.  From the original 1,500/pair rate for 10k distance, I only paid 250/pair!

The Fit and Fun Buddy Run has a 5k and 10k distance.  Those are very casual-runner friendly distances.  This year’s route is a bit harder than the previous as it involved Kalayaan flyover.  Not all runners get to train for hills.  But the experience should make them aim better at it.

I arrived, just-in-time for the event, and the parking lot I know was 3 blocks away!  The Fit And Fun Run starts at an unusual location in BGC, unlike most of the other runs in that area.  Anyway, that meant no pre-run stretches, but the 3 blocks became my warm-up.  I didn’t find my running buddy when I got there, and I got to stand up for about a minute after starting just so I he can see me.  Fortunately, he did - Mr. Leo, my 2014 running buddy!

On the first two kilometers, we were doing fine, dodging the crowd just to get a good space.  It was up to the Kalayaan flyover that my buddy slowed down to pace himself.  He was not used to hills.  We made it fine and after a water break, we were back to running.

On the way back up the bridge, we slowed down, and even walked a little.  It was a steep climb and I can imagine how hard it is for him to run it.  From there, we went to a jogging pace.  We were still overtaking other runners even at the pace.

We finished at 1:09 (less the wait I did at the startup) – still a good time considering my buddy wasn’t used to running hills.  Official time was 1:12.

A lotta loot!
At the finish line, we were excited for the loot bag.  It was solid and had a good weight on them.  This was the highlight of the run for most runners (as I heard from one of my running buddies).  Loot was filled with usable and premium goodies (beats any of the “Rio” runs for a whole year!)

To end this, it was a pretty good and enjoyable run with friends.  Even with the low-mileage, no-pressure maintenance runs that I do lately, its enough to finish the Fit-and-Fun run.  So I guess I’ll run again, next year. :)

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  1. I am inspired by your blog Sir. I am still back reading old posts to learn more about running. I'll be joining my first race on Dec. 14. I am learning a lot from you posts. Thank you so much. :)