Wednesday, September 17, 2014

A bit too much of the things we love...

Since my MSO crashed and there’s a 15-minute "checking for problem" pop-up that I had to wait out (that is now on its 40-minute mark – hooray for Win XP!), I decided to maximize my waiting time to write about my running (or lack thereof) and biking.  Timely as well as blogging has taken the back seat of the bus right now.  Getting it back to the backseat of the car would have to take a lot of time.

The last blog I made was last July 30, and it is a late post of the Fit and Fun Buddy Run. So its either I write late, or don’t write at all.  Which seem to translate to my running now – either I run my morning 5k lazily or I don’t run at all.  But that don’t mean that I do not like running anymore, its just that I seem to be always too tired to do more.

My physical shape has significantly dropped from doing the run-bike routine.  I have been doing an average of 20km runs and 35km bike rides per week for 9 weeks and it really burns a lot.  Recovery didn’t seem to be as fast as when I was only doing running.  Rest was there but I think it’s the nutrition and strength training that I need to look in to.

Now I’m further cutting down on mileage and eating a lot to put on some weight back.  I would like to completely stop for two weeks to reset, but running has become a habit so I squeeze in a few, light morning runs.  I still wake up at 5am but I just sleep it off.  But I do have my running gear in place for times that I feel like it.  So it’s good to know that I still have the urge to run.

Right now this is where I am.  My multi-sport plans would have to be put on hold until I get back on track.  I don’t have a timeline for this but for now I’m taking it easy and listening (and looking) at my body.  I do hope that I can be back in a month’s time.  Otherwise would have to accept that I am not capable to train for multi-sport, rather just do it for the love of it, or just stick to one discipline.  I do not want the latter.  I’ll work on it.

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