Thursday, October 23, 2014

The “road” much traveled

After skipping a lot of (blogging and) workout due to bad weather, time-off to recover and gain a bit more weight, tooth extraction, I came back to my Sunday ride and weekday run strong. Strong and fulfilled!  So it looks like I’m back to beating myself up again.

But if there’s one thing that gave me the boost in coming back on the road is that I enjoyed doing it again.  No time-chasing, no heavy-breathing, just pure run-bike pleasure!

I felt good with my bike that I’m rethinking of selling it.  It seems that I do not have to spend for a new bike anymore just so I could get the fire back.  And not spending is very much welcome (at least for now, hahaha!)  Well, eventually a part’s gonna give, and spending for a “better” replacement part IS inevitable.  Okay, so that would be the wheelset, then the groupset – maybe spend a little like 27k for it, hmm, it’s like buying a new bike!

No need to over-analyze it.  Whatever comes first would be fine. Although aside from the new saddle and jersey I just bought last week and the new drop-bar I got this week, it looks as if I’m taking the road to upgrade.  I’m not sure if it’s called “upgrade” as what I’m buying are those relatively cheap and is aimed at getting a better fit (probably lowering the weight a bit as well as stock parts are heavier compared to after-market).

Will I be this kid on my birthday?
So I it’s the “upgraditis” that got me - pretty much the same road where every enthusiast takes.  The last purchases I made seem to give me a buyer’s remorse.  So I’m thinking that there will be an end to this “upgraditis” really soon.  My official mechanic and friend is trying to move out my bike though, so it might be a good idea to keep my bike the way it is for the moment.  Though my birthday is coming near and there “may” be a little surprise on the way but let’s see.