Sunday, November 30, 2014

New Balance 2015 - the birthday run

Fail to plan then you plan to fail - almost always what I live by.  Not quite with running though.  I enjoyed biking so much that I let go of my long runs.  (Un)Fortunately my favorite brand, Devant, gave me a second opportunity to run the New Balance Power Run 2014 25k distance. 
I didn’t have any plans of joining any races so I am off to maintenance runs.  A couple of 5k morning runs on weekdays and a weekend bike ride was all I had coming in to this race.

So I decided to push through with my 2nd-birthday race this year (even with total disregard on my fitness level) – in consideration of starting something long-term for running.

Race prep

The week prior to this race I had my longest bike ride at 60km.  Felt like a long run as I was #laspag (wasted) on that ride.  I had one morning 5k run that led to taper.

Last year’s chip time was 2:36 – this coming off a 6-week average mileage of 30 km.

This year’s time was 2:42 – this coming of a measly 10k average running mileage (with a lot of weekend bike rides instead of the long runs!).  I wanted to do a 6:30/km pace to be safe.


Gun start was at 4am.  I was at BGC at around 3:30am, picked up my race kit at the timing booth and went in line along with the 5,000 runners!

Started out slow at around 7-minute pace.  Its okay, there are quite a lot of us and hard to dodge runners.  It started to clear at around kilometer-3.

It was a smooth run and alternated water stations.  Took gel at km-9, and km-14.  Banana break on km-19 and a lot of hydration stops after km-22.  I felt tired from km-21 onwards.  Had to walk a bit longer on water stops and declines, but I conquered inclines!


Stretched a lot!  There was none of the soreness and blisters that I felt from the previous races that I ran.  I ate another banana and took a lot of liquid and went home.  Didn’t stay for the raffle or for anything, I just went there for the run.

So what did the extra 6 minutes cost?  It was the enjoyable weekend bike rides, lesser body aches, a lot of sleep and more quality family time. J  If you look at it this way, it doesn’t seem bad at all.

What’s next?

I have some new developments with my bike – new cockpit color scheme, optimized shifters and a newly packed wheelset from Betok (no real upgrade though).   

While for running, I have the worn-out Saucony Virrata shoe that already has 925km of mileage over a year of ownership (isn't it unfair?!)

I did manage to run a 10k over the weekend which left me with the chest cold and made me miss my weekend bike ride.  But the bike was given its due time with a few, small visual improvements.

So I guess that’s it – more bike rides and a few runs to get it going.  For now I’ll build up the bike mileage with a few long rides and sceneries – up next would be the Antipolo visit and hopefully a Tagaytay ride if I can. J  Cheers to that!