Monday, January 19, 2015

2014 - The year of the bike

2014 - a good year for fitness.  Yes, I have struggled a bit in my target running mileage for the year but this wasn't a complete loss as I added road-cycling in the mix!  Yes, I have been bitten by multi-sport and for a year now, I'm loving it!

Just to cap off the year with the races I have joined.  So far quite a few and slow compared to 2013:

Chip-time / Distance
GPS-time / Distance
Yakult (Mar)
1:35:31 / 16k
1:34:52 16.02k
Petron (June)
58:38 / 10k
No time
RUPM ( June)
1:00:58 / 10k
1:01.04 / 10.37k
38th Milo (July)
2:09:31 / 21k
2:09:38 / 21.62k
RSC F&F (Aug)
1:22 / 10k
No time
NB (Nov)
2:36:11 / 25k
2:36:12 / 25.77k
Domination (Nov)
1:59:40 / 21k
1:59:43 / 21.35k
Takbo Mo (April)

57:02 / 10.42k
Alaska Cycles (May)

1:24:29 / 40.83k
RUPM2 (June)

2:09:44 / 21.27k
RSC F&F (July)

1:09:06 / 10.04k
NB (Nov)
2:42:20 / 25k
2:42 / 25k

Key points:

  • Managed to run a measly 779km this year, but a good 1,693km bike ride for 2014
  • Managed to run a 2:42 pace on a 25k race without formal training (instead some weekday 5k and weekend bike rides)
  • Couldn't sustain run-bike training early this year with the injuries, so I had to slow down on running (and also since biking is a more enjoyable!)
  • Sinus Bradycardia - I have a big heart! (and slow heart rate) - I reckon i got this from being active (didn't get to have this medically-checked though)
  • Lesser run-race as I find them expensive and difficult to enter (expensive in the sense that I'm still paying off my bike and there's a lot of upgrade plans!)
  • First fun-ride under Alaska Cycles Philippines

New Gears:

  • Road Bike - Yes!  A Raleigh Revenio 2.0 road bike.  Got this last February and improved its fit and look as much as I could.  It fits me well now.
original bike when I bought it
Current state of the bike
  • That's it!  (the bike maintenance and upgrades are too much already) I'm in need of new running shoes as my Saucony is already past its due.

Moving forward:

I have managed to quit smoking.  Actually I don’t smoke at home, and the long holiday vacation somehow got it started without any effort  I just continued it to work (as of writing there’s been 2 weeks in, and still doing it, or not-doing it)

One trigger point was the New Year’s trail ride that I did with the office mates, we got lost at one point and had to climb back up with our bikes.  It was hard but I managed it.  My cardio was good - and I thought that if I stopped smoking I would improve more.

Third try at Antipolo - 70km
So far I have targeted a 1,000km mileage for this year.  I think its manageable.  To-date, I have been consistent with the work-week 5k’s and weekend 10k’s.  I will try to do at least 1 long runs per month, just to maintain fitness.  And I would want to be prepared for when I get a sponsored kit! :)

I will also increase my saddle time and mileage along with it.  I was able to reach the 70km mileage last weekend at Antipolo.  I’m getting there. 

Duathlon?  I’m not sure - race entries are expensive!

What’s for sure is that I will continue being active.  I will try to do “quality” runs while increasing efficiency on the bike.  Nutrition is important and I think the elimination of smoking in the equation will help in the long run.  Blogging - yes, blogging.  I will try to do more of this!

2014 pics below...