Thursday, July 23, 2015

I'm back! Running my 4th Fit and Fun Buddy Run

Guess who is back into blogging?  Haha!  I don’t even know if I can even finish this. Let’s do this! (note - finished this after 3 days!)

Well I still run, as you can see in my Daily Mile run log for the past 12 months.  Yes, it has dwindled down a lot starting October, 2014 – to when I had the most toxic work schedule.  But still, not a week goes by that I don’t run.  I can say that I still have the runner in me.

My first run of 2015 was the Robinsons Supermarket Fit and Fun Buddy Run, held this July 5, 2015.  Unfortunately this year, my buddy is myself.  Haha!  As with every Fit and Fun it was a very calm and relaxed run.  Good weather from start to finish.  The race was a good one, a bit lacking on hydration stops.  I think I only saw around 3 of them?  Then again that's all I really needed.  

Loot was excellent!  It seems to be getting heavier every year.  Lots of useable stuffs in there.  Kudos to Robinsons Supermarket for being so generous.  Other races only have flyers and a few water bottles.  I guess organizers wanted to get more money than goods.

I managed to finish in less than an hour (Garmin time 53:43).  and up to now (July 24) official result haven’t been released yet.  Its good to know that I can still run a 1 hour 10k.  (update) Official race results says I finished 54:03.  Here are the results of the 5k and 10k.

I am considering doing a 21k this year.  Probably going to be the New Balance Run on November.  I haven't gone back to serious training though.  I might get into it this August.  

On the other saddle, I do bike a lot!  I just can’t find the right button to get data from Strava but I do have consistent weekend road rides – MOA and Antipolo routes, with a few Timberland trail rides with office friends.
Conquered Green Zone!
Oh, and I am happy to report that I am still (cigarette) smoke free and I’m planning to keep it that way!  But I still have my regular, occasional supply of smog from my run/bike sessions.

Aside from running and biking and nicotine-free lifestyle, I still find ways to keep the healthy living fire burning, if not make the flame bigger.  What better way to do that but with a clear perspective and a set of new gears!

  1. New kicks – It was long overdue for me to replace my Saucony Virrata kicks.  I was already getting these pains during my run.  I was supposed to get the excellently hyped Saucony Kinvara 5 but I saw this irresistible offer for the Virrata 2.  And since I have no regrets for the first Virrata, I bought the updated one (and its green!) with a smile on my face! 
  2. New trail bike – yes!  I mentioned above that I do trail rides and it is with my new

    Schwinn Moab 3 that I got from an irresistible deal from Betok Bicycles.  It’s a basic 29er currently fitted with 1x10 Deore drivetrain.  Its heavy.  Btw I bought it on the same day a year ago on January 31 as my road bike, what a coincidence!
  3. New road bike – I wish…  It’s still the Revenio 2.0 with a few visual and mechanical improvements along with a new Selle SMP seat, again with a good deal from Betoks. I guess what’s new with this is that I can now climb Antipolo hills with ease.  Not fast, but I don’t have to stop and catch my breath anymore.
  4. New Garmin – I replaced my Garmin FR10 this June 12 with a new Garmin FR15 with HR monitor.  Why?  I just wanted something new. Haha!  I am happy with its battery life.  Now I have incorporated HR training for my runs.  Less injury and I can manage to do both run and bike on weekends.  I feel the improvement on my endurance, and I am going to keep on doing the HR training.

So what’s next?  Aside from the need to do this blogging thing more often as it frees my mind from work stress, I will just keep on improving my run and bike routines.  Oh and I need to do some trails, Schwinn’s getting bored at home.
Cheers to more running and cycling!

1st run of 2015, Buddy run without a buddy!
Before changing the saddle


  1. I want to try this when I'm on my 30's. I love to read your post Sir Carlo!

    Harry, biking philippines

  2. Good to know that, Harry. I hope you eventually do it and let me know about it. :)