Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Back to Training – on the road to SUB-2

I finally signed up for a half marathon for the year – not just your usual 21k fun run, it’s the Pinoy Fitness Sub-2 Challenge on November 15.  What made me do this?  It’s the challenge that I already did Sub-2 HM 2 years ago, without even aiming for it.  So basically I did it because of the training that I put in to it.

How soft did I become in the last 2 years?  How fast can I regain that running form?  Can I mix my race training with cycling?  Will this trigger my love of running, complement cycling and eventually jump to multisport?  These were the questions that made me decide to take the challenge.  And it cost me P1,350.00 to know the answer.

I am now going into my third week of training, and I still have 8 more weeks to go before the taper.  I will have to miss my birthday run – the New Balance run on November 8, because of this.

So far I’m doing okay in training.  I have logged 36km last week; this included 2 weekday 5k intervals, 1 10-miler moderate and a 10k recovery.  This week has been a good one with a couple of 5k intervals and I plan to do a 21k LSD on Saturday and probably a 5-10k recovery on Sunday – sorry, no-bike-weekend.

It’s also good to note that I haven’t had trouble waking up in the morning to do my runs.  I even wake up before the alarm!  Also no post run pains no matter how hard I run.  I guess all that cycling paid off after all.

On a side note, it seems that I can’t find my core and until now, trying to look for it.  I am currently running on brute leg power.  If I remember correctly, I used to run faster without that much effort.  That’s one thing I’m looking after.

Then again I don’t want to risk getting injured.  I love the feeling of worked-up muscles! But I still have a rest day plugged in to my schedule and supplements  to compensate.  As with the saying  “easy to bed, easy to rise” – it’s a  good way to live by.

Let’s see how this goes.  I'm so excited that I'm looking for a tune-up run some time October.  And so far this made me blog again.  I guess I’m really focused.

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