Monday, September 7, 2015

Week 3 Training – Sore hammy & getting a bit structure

I just did a 5k speed play this morning and as expected, turned out to be sore but satisfying.  I did manage to reach sub-30.  

I am doing a little reading again on different training plans.  I feel the need to do a structured approach on this coming in to week 4.  Although I have been doing LSD for the past 3 weekends, I feel it is not enough or am I just too eager to get back into shape?  

The eagerness helps a lot in making me get out of bed in the morning.  It also keeps me driven to do that extra push when I feel I should stop.  So far the sore hammy I have right now made me aware of my limits.  I will give this a rest tomorrow and do easy runs on the rest of the weekday runs just to be sure.

Week # / Date
Ave. Time
% Heart Rate Ave.
1 / Aug. 23
2 / Aug. 29
3 / Sept. 5
4 / Sept 12
21k (?)

Going back to the running plans, I will do my LSD this weekend within the correct measure at 70-80 percent (as opposed to last LSD’s 84% average).  I will also look into giving that 10% increase in mileage.  Cross train on the bike at an easy stroll.

Let’s see how this goes.  #ontheroadtosub2

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