Thursday, October 27, 2016

What makes a cyclist, A CYCLIST?

RUNNING and cycling is becoming harder to do with the storms and rains coming in during the past few weeks.  But unlike running, the usual factors don’t affect much on whether I ride or not.  That’s the benefit of having two bikes – there’s always one of them that you can allow to get wet.

Choose your weapon
What’s also nice about having two bikes is that cycling doesn’t have to be redundant.  Mixing it up as the weather demands or as the mood sets in, on or off-road, therefore adaptable to more situations and social connections.

I can therefore say (without making it seem like I’m defending myself) that having two bikes will keep us engaged in fitness better than sticking to just one because you simply have less-reasons not to do it.  Note that the “n + 1” formula where n is the current bikes that you have does not apply.

So the less-reasons not to do it are there, what adds to it that limits us from doing it?  TIME & EFFORT
A bike ride consists of a set of steps that you have to go through.  And doing it eats up some time, patience and effort that makes the excitement of doing a bike ride die down.  And without a strong fitness mindset and the need for social activities to boost, will end up as time spent on the bed!  But as with everything else, you just have to develop the habit of doing it.  I’ll list down below the basics for your appreciation; note that if you are taking the bike-all-the-way route, eliminate step 1:

1.       Bike rack on a car
2.       Gear setup – hydration, food, money, safety gears
3.       Travel to site
4.       On-site waiting time (for group rides)
5.       Ride out to ride back (waiting times in between)
6.       Travel back home
7.       Bike, car and gear wash
8.       Sleep

Antipolo - the usual #weekendride destination
Personally, as I have limited time to spend, I almost always take the solo, bike-all-the-way route.  This eliminates a few steps above.  Since the time and effort is acceptable to me, I have less-reasons not to do it.
So the key to being A CYCLIST is really not to be the fastest, strongest, or have the most expensive bike.  Its to keep doing it CONSISTENTLY for reasons like health, fitness, lifestyle, social engagement or simply for reasons that matter to you.  #ridesafe

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